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DIY Kit - Platycerium

DIY Kit - Platycerium


Platycerium bifurcatum, commonly called staghorn fern, is an evergreen epiphytic fern that produces distinctive fertile fronds resembling the forked antlers of a stag.
Wall-mounted staghorn ferns bring dynamic energy and verdant color to space.
Join us and add it to your household plant collection!

∙ Delicate laser cutting represents the feature of product.
∙ The instructions sheet will give clearer guide for assembly, please read carefully before when you ready to start.
∙ The assembly tools are easy to prepare. Please prepare cutter, tweezers and glue.
∙ Compatible with 151mm acrylic display case.
∙ Actual product color may vary from the images shown on monitor. Pictures are for reference only. The actual color shall be based on the real product.
∙ The dimensions and weights are measured manually. It's reasonable allowance of slight deviation.

Product No.│9028416
Size│140x140x190 mm
Material│Paper, Metal, Wood, Plastic, Fabric
Weight│96 g
Ease of assy│★★★☆☆
Origin│Designed in Taiwan / Made in China

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