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The Rewilding Company All-Purpose Potting Mix (5L)

The Rewilding Company All-Purpose Potting Mix (5L)


This is an extremely free-draining potting mix that possesses the ideal blend of hydration and aeration properties. Visually and texturally, it is designed to look and feel like something one would find on the forest floor. It can be used for most houseplants including but not limited to monsteras, philodendrons, anthuriums, hoyas, begonias, calatheas, caladiums, and alocasias. The mix is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. A watering frequency of every 2-3 days is usually adequate, but please adjust to your growing conditions accordingly. An easy way of deciding whether it is time to water is to get a sense of how heavy your pot feels when it is fully saturated with water, and water when it feels like it is getting a little light. This is an inert mix so a suitable fertilizer should be applied immediately.

Ingredients: Pine bark, coco coir, perlite, pumice

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