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The Trending Formula-Millennials + Plants

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Video Credits: The New Yorker

Millennials are spending more time on growing, finding and owning plants. Well, it could be that plants are more affordable nowadays or it is just the increasing spending power in an individual. Maybe millennials plant lovers are spending so much time on plants that resulted in the delay in parenthood causing the 7-year low fertility rate in Singapore? Less time on children equals more time on plants right?

Thanks to social media like the hashtags from Instagram, more people are aware of the variety of plants which results in a plant hunt especially the rare ones because it is "trending". All those pretty photos on Instagram inspired millennials to create similar ones to their home too because indoor gardening is the new black? It is cool to live under a jungle-like home, so relaxing.

What we do not see is the work and effort to keep the plants healthy. Nobody wants to post a photo of a plant full of mealy bugs or a plant that is rotting. We cannot deny that plants are becoming our new pets but I have to say the amount of commitment as a plant collector and a pet owner is the same. It is always good to know what plant is suitable for your place before following the "trend".


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