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Caring the Poinsettia 

photo_2023-10-02 15.24.53.jpeg

Keeping them happy

*Place it in bright, indirect light. Water regularly so that the soil stays moist( surface of the soil is dry to the touch, it's time for a drink). Do not let roots sit in excess water or they can start to rot.

*This is especially important if you put your poinsettia inside a larger decorative container that doesn't have drainage holes.

*Place a layer of small rocks on the bottom of the cachepot to hold your poinsettia above any extra standing water.

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photo_2023-10-02 15.25.15.jpeg

Many varieties

From the most widely seen solid colour of red and white to our best selling marble and bicolored type to rose type, poinsettias in all varieties. 

Visit us or order online to see them in real and be fascinated this season!

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